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Mugunghwa also known as the Rose of Sharon is the national flower of Korea. The Korea national flower has played an important part in the cultural and social heritage of the nation. The prime reason behind choosing this particular flower as a national symbolic representation was due to its root meaning. Mugunghwa originates from Mugung that translates to Immortality. And the history of Korea is full of people, scenarios, events, leaders, and eras that has become eternal due to their passion, determination, exuberance, desire and will to survive. The Korean people are a just nation that has worked hard throughout the last century to come forth as a nation of value and integrity. Today the world depicts Korea as one of the emerging leaders of the world. The reason behind this motion is the determination and the will of the people that have struggled for years and have created immortality for themselves as well as for the next generations. This is how the correlation exists between the flower and the spirit of the nation. The Korean national flower will remain symbolic of the intensity and determination of the masses and generations.

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Even before the country ever nominated this flower as a national heritage symbol, the people of Korea have always loved and enjoyed the fragrance and color of the Rose of Sharon. Since centuries, this particular flower has been in full bloom and naturally painted into the landscape of the nation. The affinity for this particular flower can be traced to ancient times. The choice of making the Rose of Sharon as the Korean national flower became an easy choice since it was already one of the favorite flowers among many countrymen. The propensity towards the Korean national flower can be traced all the way back to the Silla Dynasty. This majestic Kingdom proclaimed itself as the Mugunghwa Country? This was the extent of the flowers impact on the region.

Hundreds of poems, paintings, ornaments and snapshots involving the rose of Sharon can be found in museums and libraries. According to Chinese history, ancient Chinese people referred to this particular region as the land of gentlemen where Mugunghwa blooms."

But the most significant involvement of this particular flower in the annals of Korean history was when it was chosen as part of the national anthem. Mugunghwa samcheolli hwaryeo gangsan" ("Rose of Sharon, thousand miles of beautiful mountain and river land!") was written into the national anthem of the late 19th century and has ensured its presence till time.

There are primarily more than 100 cultivars of the rose of Sharon indigenous to Korea. These flowers come in three shape and forms namely; single, semi-double, and double types of flowers. A further division of the flower occurs based upon the color of the flower. The colors are again divided into 3 groups. Dansim (flower with red center), Baedal (Pure white flower), and Asadal (pink dots on the edges of the petals) are the three groups were. The Dansim currently serves as Korea's national flower.

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