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Flowers significant to representing nations stand out distinct among the rests. In Korea, a large number of various breeds of flowers are cultivated each year. Some types add to the glee of festivals while some serve better toning down grief. But, the rose of Sharon enjoys a distinct status of being national flower. Koreans have loved this kind of rose for centuries. The rose of Sharon also appears in national emblems. Also noteworthy is the fact that Korea flower arrangement is being revived as an indoor art. Mostly use simple Joseon dynasty whiteware to draw attention towards various kinds of Korean flowers. Tree branches are also played with in elegant but unforced natural arrangements.

Korea flowers, Korean flower, rose of sharon

The rose of Sharon is much loved as the national flower of Korea. Korea is compared poetically to the rose of Sharon in the South Korean national anthem. Sharon symbolic significance is stemmed from the Korean word Mugung meaning immortality. The Korean national flower symbolizes the strong and simple spirit of the Korean people who have endured the nation long and often difficult history. As of records, the country has treasured the rose of Sharon as a heavily flower since ancient times. Not just a flower, Sharon is a popular ornamental shrub at the same time. Some of notable cultivators of Korean flowers include Diana, Lady Stanley, Ardens, Lucy, and Blushing Bride.

Korea truly brims with colorful flowers throughout the year. You may witness a bunch of flower shops at every attraction. Each Korea flower shop stands out different for keeping unique designs of Korean flowers than the other. Korean flowers are arranged in an array of designs for every occasion. Be it a wedding ceremony or a festival, a friend's birthday or just a well-wish, a morning or health wish, you name it and Korea will provide you a diverse arrangement of flower Korea to choose from. Stroll through any flower shop and let yourself be refreshed by the sweet smelling of nature's gifts.

Over a period of time, the outdoor art and Korean flower exhibitions have gained momentum. Today, there are at least a dozen schools of traditional flower arrangements putting together Korean flowers exhibitions and displays. Im WhaKong of Ewha Woman University in Seoul is the greatest living exponent of this art. In order to keeping the outdoor arts traditional alive in Korea, Im Whakong plays host to quarterly displays of flower arrangements. Exhibitions putting on display Korean flowers attract a large number of people to come, see and appreciate the natural wealth of Korea. These events also encourage visitors to volunteer programs, specifically designed to preserve flowers.

Every year, a profusion of Korean Flowers blossoms grace the entire country. The rose of Sharon or Mugunghwa blossoms from June to October. Reflecting the perseverance and determination that the Korean people have demonstrated throughout their long history, the rose of Sharon is hailed as remarkably tenacious and is able to withstand both blight and insects. Today, there are over 100 cultivars of the rose of Sharon indigenous to Korea. Koreans cherish and care for the flowers as they symbolize the many glory the country has experienced.

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